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Products to prevent and solve mental and bodily health problems

On this site you will find natural products to help against diseases, to maximize your general well-being and to help prevent diseases. There are also links to pages with interesting health information and even more products. Please click on the banners or links to learn more or order a product. Please also bookmark this site and look for updates at a later time.

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Hormonal, and systemic deficiencies - sluggish thyroid, diabetes, edema

Stomach and intestine ailments, hemorrhoids, constipation, colon ailments

Acne eczema, rosacea, herpes and other skin ailments, skin care, beauty care

Over-weight help, slimming aids

Heart and blood circulation problems, high cholesterole

Urinary, genital and reproductive problems, urogenital infections by bacteria and yeast

Nervous and neurological problems like anxiety, dementia, ADHD, depression and neuropaty. Help to increase mental capacity and endurance.

Nose, mouth, throut, lung and windpipe diseases, cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis

Rheumatic conditions - Joint, muscle and scheleton problems. Equipment for ortopaedic support and treatment

Allergy, weak immune system, AIDS

Eye and ear care products

Dental care products

Pain conditions, headache

Smoking and substance addictions

Vitamins, minerals, disease prevention

General fitness supplements and anti-aging products for the skin and the body

Hair care products to make hair grow or take away unwanted hair

Products for physical exercise, body-building massage, meditation, hypnosis, yoga

Links to good natural health product stores - herbalist

Medical instruments and nursing equipment

Articles and reading stuff about health, training, fitness and prevention of ailments

Pet medicines, pet nutritive supplements pet care products

Products for management of urination and colorectal functions

Help for hormonal and systemic imbalances

POOR THYROID GLAND ACTIVITY - Causing fatigue, weight gain, depressive feelings, constipation, etc - thyroid support formulas - These products helps against sluggish thyroid production and associated problems like: constant fatigue, over-wight, cold limbs, low blood pressure, yellowish skin color, dry skin and hair, impaired memory, depressive mood, sugar cravings, dimmished circulation, itching or rashes, lazy colon. Please click at the links for these two good products to read more and choose the one that suits you best. In its pronounced versjon sluggish thyroid is diagnosed as hypothyroidism, but problems with lazy thyroid in less heavy version is very common.

Please go here here to buy or learn more - Thyax

Get Thyroid Relief!

HELP FOR EDEMA / LYMPHEDEMA - diuretic stimulation to get rid of excessive fluid deposits in the body

Absolute Nutrition Watershed Super Diuretic Formula - 60 ea

Absolute Nutrition Watershed Super Diuretic Formula - 60 ea

Watershed™ Potassium Sparing Original Formula Super Diuretic Formula* Caffeine Free Stimulant Free For Quick Results Watershed™ Is Designed To Relieve The Discomfort And Bloating Which May Result From Simple Water Retention Or Edema. Watershed™ Is A Natural, Fast Acting Formula That Will Not Deplete Potassium Or Electrolytes Or Cause Caffeine Related Side Effects.* We Combine Potassium, Uva Ursi (Bearberry), And Parsley With A Botanical Blend Of Cornsilk Stylus, Couchgrass Rhizome, Rose Hips, Elecampane Root, Goldenrod, Celery Seed And Gentle Diuretic Blend.

Edema or fluid retension - Capisette - This natural drug provides stimulants and nutrients that reduce inflammatory processes and enhance the body's ability to process internal fluid flow. This again reduces the leak of fluid from small blood vessels and gives more effective circulation. The total effect is to rid the body from excessive fluid content.

Please go her for a thorrough description or to buy - Reduce Fluid Retention

Help for high blood glucose content or poor blood glucose regulation as by diabetest type 2 - Glucose m2 - Together with regular exercise and healthy diet this natural medicine can help you get better blood sugar levels. It contains extracts of bitter mellon and Gymnemna silvestris combined with the nutrients vanadium, magnesium, chromium, zink and alpha lipoic acid. These ingredients have shown to help the processes of insuline secretion and the management of blood glucose.

Please go here for Blood Glucose Remedy

Bitter mellon extract to help you regulate your blood glucose levels better - This extract can help you to ballance your blood sugar level better and make you more sensitive to the insuline you produce.

Bitter Melon 90 Vcaps

Bitter Melon 90 Vcaps

Dietary Supplement. A Normal Remedy Trusted In Europe To Help Maintain Normal blood Sugar Levels.

There are many mechanical accessories available to treat edema, to see these, pleace click here

Please click here to find products to help for other hormonal, metabolic and systemic disturbances

Please go here to see all remedies and helping aids against diabetes


Nervous and neurological problems

Remedy to support nerve function and help repair nerve damage

Nature's Way B-Stress with Siberian Eleuthero Caplets

Nature's Way B-Stress with Siberian Eleuthero Caplets

B-Stress Formula Provides Antioxidants And B-Vitamins Involved In Cellular Energy And The Maintenance And Repair Of Nerve Structures.* *&Nbsp; This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease

To increase your allertness, thinking power and memory capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will enhance your allertness and acuity. They will boost your thinking capacity, problem solving speed and mental endurance. They will make you able to store much more information in your memory and use less time to store and retrieve the information. These pills are constructed and endorced by neurological experts and also recommended by several celebrities that depend heavily on their mental power. Among the working ingredients are Citicoline, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylcerine, tyrosine and L-theanine. The pills are ideal for every person with a mentally demanding work, for students and anyone that have got mentally exhausted by the impacts of daily life..

Consentration and attention problems as by ADD/ADHD - Listol - A naturopathic drug that help to strengthen and ballance balance the the brain pathways to relieve ADD/ADHD ymptoms like: Hyperactivity, inattentiveness, poor concentration, and difficulty when reading and writing.

Please go here to find Listol to Increase Concentration

DEPRESSION or problems with mental mood levels - Exulin - This is a naturopathic product formulated to help against mental and physiacl aspects of depression like low mood, sadness, slow mental processes and slow bodily reactions. It works rapidly, is not addictive and fine for both children and adults.

Please click here - Exulin depression Remedy

L thyrosine to help for por brain function, dementia, altzheimer

L-Tyrosine 100 Caps

L-Tyrosine 100 Caps

Dietary Supplement. Supports Synthesis of Brain Neurotransmitters*. Free Form Amino Acid .

To help by poor memory or mental tiredness - Cyntol - Many diseases or an exhaustive life condition can cause a general mental tiredness and reduced memory function, and so can also a poor nutritive status. This product is formulated to improve memory and mental capabilities by supplying nutrients especially important for memory and other mental capacities.

Click here to buy or learn more - Cyntol

Poor sleep, anxiety, stress and tension - Moderex - This remedy furnishes the body with substances that is used naturally in the brain to regulate sleep, stress and anxiety reactions and thereby it helps to normalize these, for example GABA or gama-aminobutyric acid.

Please go here for help against Insomnia and Anxiety - Moderex

SEROTONINE DEFICIENCY - Seronex - Depression, anxiety, joint or muscular pain (fibromyalgia), attention problems, migraine, insomnia, panic attacks or mood swings are symptoms of low content of serotonine in the nervous system. By low serotonine levels some of these symptoms may occure. This medicine may increase the serotonine levels and cure or alleviate these problems.

Click here to buy or learn more: Seronex 5-HTP

Please go here to find products to help against more nervous and neurological problems - like cerebral palcy, restless legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia or bad sleep and against GABA or Serotonine deficiency - conditions that give many mental and physical symptoms simulatnously like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.


Pain conditions

HEAD ACHE and migrene - Hedaches are often due to muscular tension or blood vessel tension. Migrene is one typical pattern of these basic mechanisms. This herbal product helps to alleviate tension and also to make the sensational resceptors that recognize this tension less active.

Headache Tablets

Headache Tablets

Headache Tablets 100 Tablets

PAIN RELIEF - Help for sciatica/neuralgia.



Sciatica/Neuralgia 1 Fluid Ounces Liquid

Please go here to find more products against general pain, colic, stomach pain, sciatica


Help against over-weight / obesity

ProShapeRx - for appetite regulation, blockage of fat storage, better fat burning, and feeling of body vigour
- This product helps against obesity by normalizing your apptetite, promoting more fat burning, enhancing feeling of vitality so that you get more active, blocking uptake of starch and hindering fat to be stored in body areas. It contains the appetite reducing and vigorizing herb Hoodia gordonii.

Herbal supplement to increase metabolism and regulate appetite - to make you burn more fat and make you more active - This product is formulated to make you better able to break down and eliminate fat from your body and to make you feel fuller of energy so that yo get more active. It will also help for a too strong appetite.

Burn Fat with Corti-Thin

Herbal blending to decrease your appetite and metabolize away deposited fat

Finaflex PX, Capsules

Finaflex PX, Capsules

Xtreme Thermogenic Matrix. Prolonged Appetite Suppression. Concentration Enhancement. Antioxidant Properties. Hours Of Clean Energy. Belly Fat Reducer. By Finaflex, Contains The Highest Quality And Exotic Patent Pending Stimulants And Fat Loss Ingredients Available. Delivers Exactly What You Want. One Pill Provides The Energy, Focus, And Appetite Suppression Needed To Get You Through The Day.

Reducer of starch carbohydrate uptake to help slimming

CBlock Ultra Carb Starch Blocker, Caplets - 60 ea

CBlock Ultra Carb Starch Blocker, Caplets - 60 ea

Great For Low-Carb Diets* Designed To Block Starchy Carbohydrate Foods Such As Breads, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice And More.* Cblock™ Contains Trim Plex™, A Laboratory Tested Extract Of The White Kidney Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris), Which Has Been Shown To Inhibit The Absorption Of Starch From Food*. Trim Plex™ Inhibits The Production Of The Alpha Amylase Enzyme, Which Breaks Down Starches Into Sugars For Digestion*. Cblock™ Goes Even Further, With Added Chromium And Vanadium, Two Elements That Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels*. This Maintains Your Metabolism And Trims Your Cravings For Carbohydrates*. Cblock™ Was Designed To Supplement Weight Loss Programs That Include A Healthy Diet (Low Card Diet And Others) And Regular Exercise.

Please go here to find more slimming aids and good slimming tips


Drugs against problems in the stomach and digestive organs

ANAL ITCHING, swelling and hemorrhoids - Avatrol - This medicine helps for problems like external hemorrhoids, internal hemorroids, red blood in stool caused by hemorrhoids, iching caused by hemorrhoids or pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

Click here to buy or learn more: Avatrol

HEMORRHOIDS - Boiron Avenoc suppositories- Suppositories for local treatment of hemorrhoids.  By clicking at the link you will also find ointments and pills to treat hemorrhoids.

Pleace click here - Oiron Avenoc (Hemorrhoids) - 12 Suppositories

Help for inflammations in the digestive system This supplement contains ingredients that have shown to alleviate digestive inflammations and nutrients to remend deficiencies that is often caused by such inflammations. It can be useful with inflammations or irritations causing diarrhea, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue, bloody stools or loss of appetite. Be aware that such symptoms must be investigated medically if that is not already done, since they can originate from serious diseases.

Click here to buy or learn more - Ablene

Natural treatment set set to help for irritable bowel syndrome - a condition with many symptoms like pain, cramps, gas fillage, stomach irregularity and constipation - IBS - This kit has one drug for instant relief of pain and acute symptoms of IBS. .It has a product with seminals for friendly stomach-regulating microbes. It also has a products for daily maintainance of good colon functions, stimulating normal movements and normal internal digestive processes in the colon.

COMPLEX BOWEL AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS - colon cleansing and digestive adjustment package - This 10-day cleansing cure is targeted at complex bowel problems with many or varying symptoms like constipation, bloating, cramps, uneasy feelings, over-filled stomach and symptoms from the rest of the body due to colonic problems. The product helps to reestablish a good microbial content in the colon, to adjust the function of the whole digestive system and to enhance the entire bodily wellbeing.

Support to make people with gluten intollerance get stronger, more allert and more comfortable - The damage made in the intestines by gluten intollerance and the diet prescribed against the condition can easily make you get too little of certain nutrients, producing all kinds of physical and mental weakness. This product is formulated to support the most critical of these nutrients and make you tronger and feel more comfortable.

Pleace click here fore Alorex - Gluten Intolerance Remedy

Help against a too loose and rinning bowel content and over-frequent urges to go to the toilet - Advosis - This product is formulated to give your bowel content a firmer consitance, and to calm down your colon so that you get rid of too frequent urges for bowel movment and chemical irritaions from an acidic and rinning stool. A too rapid throughput of bowel content is often due to substances that irritate the colon. One way this remedy works is by binding such substances so that your colon is not overstimulated.

Please click here to read more or buy - Advosis

ACID REFLUX - Help to ballance the acidity or alcalicity in the body and help against imballances and consequences like acidic reflux or regurgitation up into the mouth

Reflux Away

Reflux Away

Reflux Away 60 Capsules

Help for cholic or cramps in the stomach

Enfamil Nutramigen Powder for Colic

Enfamil Nutramigen Powder for Colic

Enfamil Nutramigen Lipil for Colic Hypo-Allergenic Powder with Iron, 0 From the Maker of Efamil trade; Products br 0 - 12 Months 1 1 For Cow s Milk Allergy 2 Clinically Proven* 3 Makes 87 fl oz Nutramigen with Enflora trade; LGG is a hypoallergenic, lactose-free formula for newborns and infants who develop cow s milk allergy; it includes the probiotic Lactobacillus GG to help support digestive health. Nutramigen is proven* to manage colic due to cow s milk allergy fast - often within 48 hours. 2 2 Fast Management of Colic** 1 Nutritionally Complete 4 Probiotic LGG to Help Support Digestive Health 3 Clinically Proven* in Over 70 Clinical Studies This exclusive formula is available only from the Enfamil brand. 1-800-BABY123 Filled by weight, not volume; some settling may occur. *Some studies were prior to the addition of DHA, ARA, and LGG. **Due to cow s milk allergy.

Boiron Cocyntal Colic Relief Homeopathic Medicine 30 doses

Boiron Cocyntal Colic Relief Homeopathic Medicine 30 doses

Please Note: Product Received May Temporarily Differ From Image Shown Due To Packaging Update. Promotes Colic Relief* For Gas Pain Irritability Babies 1 Month &Amp; Up Preservative-Free Single Oral Liquid Dose 30 Doses Sterile. No Risk Of Overmedicating. The Boiron Promise: At Boiron, We Believe There's A Better Way To Feel Good. A Better Way That Works Naturally With Your Body. Since 1932, The Boiron Family Has Been Committed To Providing Homeopathic Medicines. As World Leader In Homeopathic Medicines, Our Passion Is Your Total Health. 1-800-264-7661 Made In France *These Uses Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. **C, K, Ck , And X Are Homeopathic Dilutions.

HELP FOR CONSTIPATION, and also to maintain healthy blood pressure

Effervescent Vitamin C - Magnesium Crystals (6g, 30 teaspoons)

Effervescent Vitamin C - Magnesium Crystals (6g, 30 teaspoons)

Fast-acting Colon Support*. Occasional constipation is one of the most frequent gastrointestinal complaints in the United States, particularly among women and the elderly.(1) Effervescent Vitamin C - Magnesium Crystals is a dose-adjustable nutritional solution to provide immediate relief from occasional constipation.

To find more products to treat or prevent stomach and intestine ailments, hemorrhoids, constipation, colon ailments, diarrhoea, constipation, intestinal inflammation, acid reflux disease, gluten intollerance, irritable bowel syndrome


Help against urinary, genital or reproductive problems

Get checked for sexually transmitted diseases privately and with no reports to anybody than you - Once you have placed an order of the tests you vant to get done, you can immediately and without appointment visit any of a huge number of nationwide test centers in USA. Then the results will be mailed to you discretely after short time without report to anyone, like your doctor or insurance company, and without anything being placed on your medical record.

Rapid help for yeast invation based on enzymes and other biological effectors

Rapid Yeast Relief

Rapid Yeast Relief

Rapid Yeast Relief 1 Kit

HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA to fight back yeast infection - This homeopathic formula stimulates and habilitates the immune system to fight back yeast infections and stimulate the body to clean out the microbial substances that the problem consists of.

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief 60 Tablets

URINARY TRACT INFECTION - Medonin - Helps against UTI by making an environment unfavourable for bacteria in the bladder and urethra, and by stimulating the immune responce against bacteria.

Please click here to read more or buy - Medonin

URINARY IMPURITIES AND INFECTION - cleansing of the kidneys and the urinary tract

Kidney Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse 90 Capsules

Nettle lief capsules - Nettle is used to help for urinry tract problems, including kidney stones, UTI and prostate problems, and also against hay fever

Nettle Herb

Nettle Herb

Nettle Herb 435 MG 100 Capsules

Help for prostate problems - Avistate - Help for hesitant or slow urine flow, dribbling and frequent urge to urinate due to prostate irritation and enlargement. Helps by reducing inflammation in the prostate and hindering effects of metabolic products of male hormones, both of which make the prostate swell and grow, and makes it difficult to pass urine. Three key ingredients in the product are extracts of Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto), Pygeum africanum (Pygeum bark) and Urtica dioica (Nettle root) which has shown to give these dezired effects.

Pleace go here for drug to help for prostate problems - Avistate

PROSTATE PROBLEMS - A natural drug for rapid relief of prostate discomfort - Procare - A cuccessful supplement to enhance prostate health and rapidly relieve these problems: Frequent need to urinate during night which also impairs sleep. Reduced sex drive and abilities. Sudden urge to urinate. Thin and slow urine stream. Pain or burning when urinating. The bladder does not empty completely.

Get Fast Prostate Relief!

HELP FOR POOR MALE FUNCTONS - like poor erections and premature ejaculations - Prosolutionpills - These pills are formulate to give you stronger erections that occur more rapidly and last longer, to hinder premature ejaculations and to enhance genital pleasure

Please click here to read more or buy - Prosolution Plus

PRODUCT AGAINST MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS and other female imbalances - and help to get stronger sexual satisfaction - Hersolution To ballance female functions and strengthen the female apparatus which gives the following benefits: More regular periods, less cramping during menstruation, redused hot flashes, less fever, having greater energy, more stability in the mood, stronger sexual functions and satisfaction.

Go here to get the natural drug to enhance female sexual strength and reduse mesnstrual distress - Hersolution

Help to reduce pain and distress during the menstrual cycle, PMS - Menstium To ballance female functions and strengthen the female apparatus and achieve as result: Reduced irritability, less cramps and pain, improved calcium absorption. Clinical trials on chasteberry, a key ingredient in this product, showed reduced breast pain, tenderness, swelling, constipation, irritability,low mood, anger, and headache.

Pleace go here for drug to Reduce Pain & Fatigue in Women - Menstium

ENDOMETRIOSIS - Fallodox - Endometriosis is a condition where uterine tissue grows outside the utersus, for example in the peritoneal caity. This misplaced tissues will react during the menstrual periods as other tissues of the same kind and cause a lot of disturbances that crate pain, reduce fertility and gives other bodily problems. This product may decrease these problems and enhance ferility by giving a better female hormone ballance.

Click here to buy or to learn more: Fallodox

Please click here to see all products to help for urinary and genital problems - Yeast infection, kidney stones, prostate problems, problems with menstruation, female hormonal problems, endometriosis

To find a lot of products to improve sexual life, please click here


Help for ailments in the mouth, nose throut, and windpipe

MOUTH SORES / cold sores / canker sores - A preparation of vitamins and minerals that have shown to reduce the frequency of cold sores and help healing.

Click here to buy or learn more or buy - Monoplex

ALLERGIC REACTIONS in the nose, mouth, throut and rest of the windpipe - historal - A natural drug to reduce allergic reactions in the upper windpipe and associated reactions further down in the respiratory tract, in the eyes and the face as by hay fever, dust allergy, dander allergy, pollen allergy, and more. It will help for symptoms as swelling, narrowness, excessive mucus production, soreness, sneezing and cogh.

Please go here for Natural Solution for Allergies - Historal

COLD AND FLU remedies - Helps to increase the immune response against cold and flu.

Umcka Cold Flu Berry Syrup

Umcka Cold Flu Berry Syrup

Umcka Cold Flu Berry Syrup 4 Ounces Liquid

Sambucol Cold Flu Relief

Sambucol Cold Flu Relief

Sambucol Cold Flu Relief 30 Lozenges

Help against cold and flu for children - A homeopathic drug to help children from getting cold and flu and to become well again faster

Children's Cold Flu

Children's Cold Flu

Children's Cold Flu 1 Fluid Ounces Liquid

Teas to help against cold and flu - Teas to strengthen the immune system and thereby help to restist cold and flu attacks, based on long proven Chinese recites.

Traditional Medicinals Cold & Flu Tea Breathe Easy 16 tea bags: K

Traditional Medicinals Cold & Flu Tea Breathe Easy 16 tea bags: K

Caffeine Free. Certified by the California Organic Farmers(CCOF).88% organic ingredients. **"Bi Yan Pian" is a traditional Chinese herbal formula, extracted in pure water and then dried into granules, made from a mixture of Zanthium fruit, Magnolia flower bud, Siler root, Forsythia fruit, Wild chrysanthemum flower, Schisandra fruit, Platycodon root, Fragrant angelica root, Anemarrhena rhizome, Schizonepeta herb, and Chinese licorice root.

Cold Flu Time Tea

Cold Flu Time Tea

Cold Flu Time Tea 20 Bag

A generally working homeopathic drug for respiratory distress as by bronchitis, allergy in the nose and throut and infections. - Safely starts relieving respiratory symptoms including chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing

ASTHMA , BRONCHITIS and allergic reactions in the repiratory tract - Preparations to help against asthma and respiratory inflammations.

Native Remedies SHD001 SOS HistaDrops for Quick Allergy Relief  50ml

Native Remedies SHD001 SOS HistaDrops for Quick Allergy Relief 50ml

Helps keep eyes and nose clear by maintaining histamine levels within the normal range. Supports normal levels of systemic histamine. Maintains clear eyes and noses. Promotes respiratory health. Supports and soothes the immune system. 50ml. The Products on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to cure treat or prevent any disease.

Boericke Tafel's Bronchitis & Asthma Aide 100Tabs

Boericke Tafel's Bronchitis & Asthma Aide 100Tabs

Product Description: Bronchitis & Asthma Aide is a homeopathic formulation for relief of symptoms associated with bronchitis and asthma such as loosening phlegm, ridding bronchial passageways, promoting drainage, and easing congestion and wheezing. Bronchial Congestion & Wheezing. Indications: Helps loosen phlegm (mucus) & thin bronchial secretions to rid bronchial passageways of bothersome mucus & drain bronchial tubes. Temporarily relieves bronchial congestion & wheezing due to asthma & bronchitis.

EMPHYSEMA, COPD and shortnes of breath - Help for respiratory distress caused by emphysema copd or injury from smoking, like shortness of breath, chronic cough without or whith increased slime production, wheezing, decreased ability to exercise or work physically.

Please go here to find the natural drug for emphysema or insufficient breath - Oxynox

Please go here to find all remedies against mouth, throut, and windpipe diseases- chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, hay fever, cold, flu, bad breath or halitosis, etc


Help for problems in the joints, muscles and scheleton

Equipment for support, protection and treatment of the musculoscheletal system - braces, shields and physical therapy devices - Here you can find braces, shielding apparel and orthopedic devices for protection, support and therapy in all regions of the musculoscheletal system, among those braces for sport activities and walking aids. You find orthopedic devices for the limbs, the back, the neck, the pelvic region or areas in these regions like albows, wrists and ancles, knees, feet and shoulders. You can find shielding and support equipment for use during sport activities like running, skiiing, baseball, socces, football, martial arts, basketball and motocross There are equipment for cold and heat therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound equipment, T.E.N.S items, magnetic therapy and muscle stimulation devices. Braces, Therapy Products & Accessories for Skiing injuries! 468x60 banner

Innovative products for physical therapy and pleasurable massage - Here you can find several devices for massage, physical therapy and skin, care and tasteful liniments for the same purposes. With these products you can calm down, sooth and confort sore and tense muscles and take down your stress level. You can also cleanse, firm up, rejuvenate and enhance beauty in your skin and the whole of your body.

HELP TO REBUILD OR INCREASE MUSCLE INTEGRETY AND STRENGTH - This product helps your body to produce more growth hormon. This will make it easier for you to rebuild weakend muscles when you are training or too build big muscles if that is your aim. Th eprodcut also has a general rejuvenating effect.

HELP FOR GOUT - an organic liniment to counteract gout pain

Gout Symptom Reliever

Gout Symptom Reliever

Gout Symptom Reliever 2 Fluid Ounces Liquid

OSTEOARTHRITIS, ACHE, STIFFNESS, JOINT WEARING - Exomine - Over-use and constant wearing of the joints will often damage the cartilages in the bone ends of the joint and also structures around the bone ends. This herbal product is formulated to improve the lubrication inside the joint to enhance protection against further damage and to speed up healing mechanisms of the central parts of the joint.

Click here to buy or learn more: Exomine

JOINT INFLAMMATION and bursitis - Acusil: - Over-use of joints, as by hard sport activities will often cause damages, irritations and inflammations in the fluid-filled sacks around the central joint parts and in the outer connective tissue walls of the joint and in the tendons connected to the joint. This product is formulated to speed up the healing processes in these areas of the joint.

Please click here to read more or buy - Acusil

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS and endogenous joint inflammation - Exomine RHThis natural remedy is formulate to help against joint problems that occur due to inflammations of inner causes, where external wearing is not such a great causal factor. Rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions are examples of this class of joint conditions.

Click here to buy or learn more - Exomine RH

Homeopathic help against arthritis and joint pain - To aid against joint inflammations due to internal factors, like autoimmune issues, as for example arthritis.

Arthritis & Joint Relief 2OZ

Arthritis & Joint Relief 2OZ

Homeopathic . Natural Medicine . No Side Effects.. Revolutionary Taste Free Medicine.

RESTLES LEGS - herbal remedy for restless legs - Sedorum - Contains herbs to calm down to much activity in the periferial nervous system and thereby relieve symptoms like: Strange itching, tingling, or crawling sensations deep inside the legs or arms. General lack of rest making you rub legs and do all kind of movements. Tossing and turning when trying to rest. Feeling of stress making an urge to constantly move limbs or tense muscles. Ineficient sleep and extreme fatigue and sleepiness during the day.

Click here to buy or learn more - Remedy for Restless Legs - sedorum

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - homeopathic medicine to help for restless legs

Restless Legs

Restless Legs tablets

Restless Legs 60 Tablets - to provide reliefe for Restlessness, Jerking & Twitching, Constant Urge to Move, Tingling.

A cream to reduce inflammation and pain by carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, rheumatic pain and pain after injuries

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Effective To Treat Pains In Joints And Back. Effective For Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, Repetitive Motion, And Trauma/Sports Injuries. Made In Usa

FIBROMYALGIA or fatigue combined with mucle soreness and tender points - Anatrin - Many people suffer from generally sore msucles and joints and they have tender points in tissue structures of the joints and muslces in many parts of the body. In spite of this there are not any clear anatomical changes. In addition there is fatigue and often depressive mental symptoms, poor sleep, tension and other symptoms of decreased general well-being. This remedy may help you against conditions of this kind, like fibromyalgia.

Click here to buy or learn more - Anatrin

Help to keep your scheleton dense and strong and restore good bone integrety - Exoprin product against osteoporosis - This natural supplement gives you calcium and magnesium in an easily absorbable form and other vitamins and minerals to stimulate intergration of these minerals into the scheleton to maintain and rebuild good bone density and strength.

Go here for Exoprin - Bone Density Remedy

Please click here for all products against diseases in the muscles, joints and scheleton  - bursistis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis

To find more products against cramps or pain in the joints, muscles or other body parts, please go here


Eye and ear care products

Help to cleanse the ears and remove stuffed ear wax

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System 1 Kit

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

A supplement to enhance the health of the sensorial organs:

Clear Eye and Sharp Ear 60 CAPS

Clear Eye and Sharp Ear 60 CAPS

100% Natural. Considered as Dietary Supplement. Formulated Under Supervision of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Improve Sense of Balance & Remove Ringing in the Ear. Improved.

Garlic ear oil to help for ear infection

Willow/Garlic Ear Oil 1 fl oz: K

Willow/Garlic Ear Oil 1 fl oz: K

Alcohol-Free Topical Herbal Blend. According to Jack Paradise in Managing Otitis Media: a Time for Change (Pediatrics, Oct,. 1995): 'Sustained, preventative use of antibiotics in children with repeated ear infections should be avoided in favor of alternative measures whenever possible.' The herbs in Willow/Garlic Ear Oil? support the healthy functioning of the ears. This olive oil based topical oil is a combination of herbs with pain-relieving, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Always warm the oil to slightly more than body temperature. Treat BOTH ears when dry and cover with clean cotton. Many of our customers augment the external oil internally with an antibacterial herbs such as Echinacea and Oregon Grape root. Do not use oils if the eardrum has been perforated.

POOR VISION due to macular degeneration aND other eye aging processes - Visulyn - As one gets older the eyes tend to get steadily more injured due to impact from ultraviolet light and other environmental impacts. Also bad diet and smoking can cause degeneration in the eye. This natural product can give the following benefits for the eyes: Reliefe from fatigue and tension due to poor vision, improved contrast, less blurriness, better tollerance for glares. It works by furnishing nutrients for the repair processes of optical and retinal integrity, by giving better oxygen supply to your eyes and by tidying the eye tisssues from free radicals.

For Visulyn - Macular Degeneration Vitamin, please go here

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Medical product for the care of your skin

Argan Oil - A strong medicine for acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging changes and skin damage. - This pure oil from the fruits of the north African Argan tree counteracts acne and symptoms such as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and scarring by mens of several good effects, for example an antiseptic effect and a tissue healing effect. In addition it is effective both as a protective and healing remedy against many types of skin ailments and injuries.

Cream to make relief from eczema and psoriasis - Works effectively against dryness, cracking, scales, itching, burning redness and other symproms of eczema and psoriasis

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A combined herbal and homeopathic cream against eczema flair-ups - Eczema Resque - Gives quick relief for rash, burning, itching, chapped skin, Dry, or Cracked Skin

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ROSACEA relief - Rubactum pills: - Furnishes nutrients to help the blood vessels of the skin to react more properly, to reduce inflammation and to heal skin degeneration.

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SKINCEPTION Rosacea relief serum - A clinically proven topical that makes the skin less red, reduces enlared veins. It soothes inflammatory processes and associated symptoms like dryness, thickening  inelasticity and feeling of irritation.

Natural acne treatment pills:
 Furnishes nutrients to stimulate the cleaning processes in the skin and nutrients that nourishe the rebuilding of damaged skin structures.

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ACNE TREATMENT KIT - Complete acne treatment kit with a rinsing solutions for the face, a body rinser, an effective topical facial cream that work against the acne during the day, and oral pills to stimulate the healing processes in the skin and the inner cleaning processes.

Herpes treatment pills - Herdox - According to studies nutrition may provide the best tool for instant symptom relief and long-term suppression of HSV-1 and HSV-2. This multi-faceted anti-HSV formula contains the anti-herpes nutrient L-lysine and other substances providing for significant improvements in immune defence against herpes.

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Ointment to help for shingles

Shingles Rescue Plus 1.4 Oz

Shingles Rescue Plus 1.4 Oz

Homeopathic Gel.

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More oral and topical remedies for treatment of warts, psoriasis, eczema,  rosacea, vitiligo  wrinkles and other skin ailments, please see here

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A huge store of skin ailment drugs, skin care products and quality cosmetics In this online store you can find products to prevent, treat or alleviate nearly any skin condition.
 The store has a function for customer's review of the products. This will help you to find the best skin medicine for your purpose.


Help to quit smoking and get free from substance addictions

An effective naturopathic kit to help you stop smoking - The kit contain a herbal blending to help in the accute period of cessation that calms down your nervous system and craving for nicotine throughout the day. There is a blending to stimulate your physiology to clean out residuals and deposits left by the smoking. There is a spray to stop occational intense accute craving for nicotine. And there is a medicine to help you stay free from smoke after the accute period.

Stop Smoking Naturally

NICOTINE BASED help to stop smoking

Habitrol Nicotine Transdermal System Stop Smoking Aid Patch Kit Steps 1,2,3 - 56 ea

Habitrol Nicotine Transdermal System Stop Smoking Aid Patch Kit Steps 1,2,3 - 56 ea

Stop Smoking Aid Includes Behavior Support Program Includes All Three Steps With Self Help Guide Habitrol&Reg; Take Control&Trade; Support Program. If You Smoke More Than 1 Cigarettes Per Day, Use After Completing Step 1. If You Smoke 10 Or Less Cigarettes Per Day, Start With Step 2.

Lozenges to keep down the craving for nicotine

Walgreens Nicotine 4MG Mint Mini-Lozenges

Walgreens Nicotine 4MG Mint Mini-Lozenges

For Those Who Smoke Their First Cigarette Within 30 Minutes&Nbsp;Of Waking Up.&Nbsp;5 Quittube Containers Of 27 Lozenges Each. Gluten Free Includes User's Guide Walgreens Pharmacist Recommended* *Walgreens Pharmacist Survey Study, November 2010.


Heart and blood circulation problems, high cholesterole

Cardiac, vascular and circulatory problems must be adressed by a changed lifestyle and specific medical treatment may be necessary. In addition here are some natural products that may be of great help.

HELP TO KEEP HEALTHY CHOLESTEROLE LEVELS and general support for heart and circulation health - Resterol - This remedy will help to maintain a normal cholesterole level. It helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL). Main ingredients are Vitamin E, Pantethine, Garlic, Turmeric Extract, Inositol. Gum Guggul Extract and Policosanol

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Conjestive heart failur - Aventrol - By congestive heart failur the heart pumps too little blood through the bodie's blood vessels. The circulation system then gets congested, giving short breath, edema and body problems from insufficient oxygen supply. Aventrol may help to increase the efficiency of the heart and reduce these problems.

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Varicose veins - A herbal tincture to be taken by mouth - The product contains extracts of herbs to stimulate tissue repair.

Varicose Veins (internal) Extract 8 fl oz: HH

Varicose Veins (internal) Extract 8 fl oz: HH

Varicose Veins (internal) Extract 8 fl oz: HH

Varicose veins - Topical lotion - A good lotion to be masaged upon the afflicted areas. The product contains effectors that stimulate tissue repair like bioflavonides, hisperidine and horse chesnut extract.

Reviva Varicose Veins Lotion With Vitamin P - 8 Fluid Ounces Lotion

Help for anemia and deficiency of red blood cells - Advena - This product contains iron in an easily digestible form, and other vitamins and minerals to stimulate the utilization of the iron and to make more red blopod cells, like vitamines C and B12, folic acid, copper, zink and selenium

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Help to lower high blood pressure - Hyperexole

Hyperexol is based on a blend of natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals formulated for optimal daily nutritional support, and is manufactured under current GMP guidelines. Important ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCl, calcium carbonate, magnesium, Selenium as L-selenomethionin, Potassium gluconate, Garlic (bulb powder), Hawthorn berry powder, Cayenne fruit powder.

A good tasting thea that can help lower blood pressure

Uncle Lee's Tea Lower Pressure - 1.27 oz: HF

Uncle Lee's Tea Lower Pressure - 1.27 oz: HF

Formulated by one of North America's leading Clinical Herbalists, Terry Willard CI.H., Ph.D. is urrently the President of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners. He has partnered with Uncle Lee's Tea Inc. to lend his expertise to our fully functional line of health promoting teas. There is nothing more relaxing than stopping for a nice cup of tea. Now studies have shown that the ingredients blended into this tea may reduce blood pressure if consumed on a regular basis.

Monitor for self-controle of blood pressure

Blood Pressure Monitor: SP

Blood Pressure Monitor: SP

Blood Pressure Monitor: SP

To see all natural drugs to help for heart and blood circulation problems - Congestive heart disease, hugh cholesterole and blood fat, hypertension, varicose veins, anamia and more.

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Anti-aging, disease prevention, drugs for other specific ailments

All the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants you need in one coprehensive product - Balance point - This product is an excellent source of vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants for persons with an average need. It contains all the daily needed vitamins and minerals. It also contains powerful anti-oxidants and extracts of herbs known to support immunity against diseases and regeneration from tissue damage.

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Anti-aging drugs that work by increasing your natural growth hormone production - As one ages the release of growth hormone tends to decrease and this decrease contributes substantially to the aging changes. A better growth hormone production will therefore help you regain thick and smooth skin, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio, better condition, better senses, better blood sugar ballance and better mental and physical vitality. They will make it easier for you to slim down, give you more energy, make you feel more allert, and help restore a lot other properties of youth. Here are two generally working anti-aging products of the kind and two formulated to have a peak effect on muscle growth and male sexual potency.

Two generally working anti-aging pills for men and women with an equal effect on all body systems. Look at them and choose the one that suits you best:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

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