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Erotic and body products: - Welcome to this online store with quality products to maximize your good sexual feelings, to make men perform better sexually and to develope the anatomy and functions of the male sexual organs. Please click on the product banners to learn more or order a product.  Further down on this page you will also find a dictionary with definitions of sexual words, terms, expressions or concepts.



 Creams and oils for larger pleasure and performance

VigRX oil - for stronger erections - Oil to maximize erections, penis lubrication and genital excitement. 2-3 drops are enough for full effect.

Vivaxa - to let your erections stay the time you want- To get high quality erections, long lasting erections and performance.  Helps against excessive sensations stopping the erections too soon, but protects all good sensations.

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Vigorelle - female genital pleasure cream - Give big physical pleasure, larger engorgement, optimal lubrication and improved genital ractions.


Smoothening and arousing lubricants - A lot of exciting lubricants. Many of these have added components to stimulate you through your nose, at your tongue or in your genital region.

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Tools and pills to enlarge and form the penis

ProExtender System penile orthopedic instrument and medicine kit- With this you can regulate the length of your penis to the wanted size and correct penile shape problems. One of the things in the kit is a gently working  orthopedic instrument for the penis that work in the same manner as orthopaedic devices used in the medical word like braces, orthodontic installations and the like. You wear the device some hours each day in a period.


VigRXplus penile enlargement pills with added herbals for en enforced effect - Pills to make the penis able to erect itself to a longer, broader and more robust state. They also give a man greater sexualø energy. The increased erection potensial is present all the day and night.

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ExtenZe - to enhance the potency and lustful feelings of men - Make the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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MaxiDerm - Penile Enhancement Patches - To put on the skin near the penis. They enlarge the potensy for big and steady erection like the pills, but does not effect the rest of the body.

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ProExtender system for maximal male development- A set with ProExtender, VigRx pills, Semenax pills and an instruction CD.

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Topicals and things for erotic massage and sexy fun

Massage oils, balms and erotic equipment - Oils, lotions, balms and equipment for sensual body massage and sexual play. You also find hardcore adult magazines and DVDs in the first of these shops. Here are two good collections of sex fun articles:

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Pills to improve genital habilities and erotic lust

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - Pills to stimulate mental erotic excitement, bodily lust, intimate reaktions and fertility.


Hersolution - optimizer pills for the female feelings and functions - These pill stimulate the sexual drive, fysical feelings and orgasms of the woman. They effectivize her sexaual functions like blood-filling and lubrication.

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Semenax - for improved male physiology -  Optimize semen production, genital functions, orgasms, intimate feelings and fertility.

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VpRx - Pills to improve virility - Increase male sexual desire and arousal. They strengthen the power and endurance. They prevent premature ejaculations.

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Erotic attractive scents

Nexus Pheromones - to attract women  - Perfume for men to attract women. Contains pheromones effecting a deep impact on the female reactions.

More exciting erotical things - penis and breast enhancement

Better sex mall - more medicines to enhance sexual lust and power By clicking at the link you will also find meny more products to optimize sexual life for men and women, both products to enhance the penile and breast size, products to stimulate the erections and male functions, products to stimulate the female equivalents of the male erections and other female functions and products to stimulate the horny feelings.

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Products for genital and general health

Genf20 - Feel and look younger, reverce aging - Growth hormone releaser to regain youthfull properties of the muscles, skin and fat distribution on the body.

Rejuvenate your skin - Skin care and products against skin problems, like: Aging symptoms, scne, scars, rashes, sun-damage, cellulites, thin skin, edema, miscolored skin, rosacea, psoriasis, etc.

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Natural medicines for help and support - Urinary problems, male and female genital ailments, rheumatic conditions, trouble with the heart and circulation, nervousness and depression, acne and other skin ailments, unwanted weight gain, fatigue, poor memory, hemorrhoid, constipation and other digestive problems, problems in the windpipe, cold and flu, allergies.

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Resourses for use by our visitors

Here is a vocabolary of sexual or erotic expressions. We also have other resourses for use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given here. 


Definitions and explanations of sexual concepts  d-g - What is , definition of, defined, explanation of, explained, about, dictionary for


DAISY CHAIN - A group sex activity in which there is a linking of several people by oral connections

DERRIERE - The buttocks and anal region. The word is originally a more genereal French term mening "back-end".

DICK - The penis

DIDDLE - To perform masturbation

Dildo - A more or less penis-shaped object to isert into the vagina or the rectum. They are often equipped with vibrating mechanics, and they are then often called vibrators, but not all vibrators are shaped like a dildo.

DOG - An unattractive person

DOGGY (STYLE) - Doggy or doggy style often refere to sexual positions where one of the persons stands on his/her arms and feet so that the vagina or anus can easily be accessed by a persond standig positioned on his knees behind.

DOG FASHION - Sexual position used by canines

DONG - The penis. The word is also often used about condomes or other objects to thread over the penis or artificial penis-like objects.

DOSE - Gonorrhea or other venereal disease

DRAG QUEEN - Male who dresses in female clothing

DRIVE IT HOME - Forceful intercourse

DRY FUCK - Moving against on another, clothed. To simulate intercourse

DYKE - A lesbian


EASY - A person who needs little persuasion to perform sex acts

EAT - To perform oral intercourse

ECSTACY - A psychological state where the feeling of psychological pleasure is greately enhanced and may be the only focus of attention, and at the same time other emotions and cognitive processes, especially unpleasant ones are reduced.

EFFEMINATE - Descriptive of a male who acts in a feminine manner

EJACULATION - Discharge of semen through the penis by pumping movements from the muscles around the urethra and the seminal vescicles.

EELECTROFILIA - The practice of getting erotic satisfaction by electric stimulation. In a BDSM setting the stimulation is often made to give pain or to mimic a torture setting and the painful effect gives arousal. In other settings the stimulation is made in a mode only to activate feeling of lust.

ENEMA - EROTIC ENEMA - Erotic enema is any kind of flushing, washing or instilling fluids into the rectum or colon to get sexual pleasure. Usually water or watery solutions are used. By greater enemas, the fluid must be isotonic, that is having a salt content equal to that of the blood, so that excessive water is not absorbed into the blood and dilutes the blood.

ERECTION - Engorgement, elongation and rising of the penis caused by a rush of blood into the veins and capillaries of the penis, coupled with a valve action which prevents its release, and further aided by the contraction of certain surface muscles on the penis. Erection usually occur in a sexually stimulated aroused state. The erection usually lasts until the stimuli is taken away or ejactulation occurs.hade

ERECTION OILS - These are oils, creams, balms, ointments or liniments to apply on the penis to stimulate erection. They may be based upon oily stuffs or waterly emusions of oily substances as media for carrying the working substances. The working substances are usually of herbal origine and the oily substances are usually plant oils or natural oils like squalane.

EROTIC TRAVEL - Travel for vacation to engage in sexual activities or get erotic experiences together with your regular partner or with new people you meet. During an erotic travel you visit geographical locations where you can find outdoor or indor places that give opportunities for sexual activities in a comfortable setting, places where people exhibit themselves erotically, places where you easily find a sexual partner, places with commersial sexual offers, and places that by their atmosphere increase sexual arousal. There are travel agencies specializing in erotic travels.

EUNUCH - A male who has had his testicles removed.

EXHIBITIONIST - A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his body to others. A person that does so in order to shake up poples emotions and disturbe people is also called exhibitionist even if the primary motive is not sexual

EXHIBITIONISM - The act of showing oneself naked for other persons to get sexual pleasure or for other purpses.


FAGGOT - A male homosexual

FAIRY - A male homosexual

FAMILY JEWELS - The testicles

FANNY - The buttocks and anal region

FELLATIO - To kiss, nibble, lick or suck the penis

FERTILITY - The ability for a man to make a woman pregnant, and the ability of a woman to become pregnant and bear a child.

FETISH - An object or part of the body whic is normally considered non-sexual but which arouses erotic feelings such as leather, rubber, fair, feet, panties, etc.

FIFTH WHEEL - A heterosexual in a homosexual group

FISH - A female

FISTING - Inserting your entire hand into your partner's vagina or anus

FLAGELLATION - Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm

FOREPLAY - cuddling, petting, kissing, fingering, mutual masturbation and other things done in order to increase exitement, tention and erotic appetite before penetration of the partner

FORESKIN or preputium - The skin sleeve surrounding the the end part of the penis in an uncircumcised man or buy, that usually can be withdrawn. It is also the sleeve sorrounding the side parts and upper parts of the clitoris in women. The foreskin of the clitoris can continue down on both sides so that it looks as if the women has an extra pair of lips.

FRENCH - To perform oral intercourse

FRUIT - A male homosexual

FULL HOUSE - Having more than one venereal disease / infection at the same time


GANG BANG - Group sex where one is fucked consecutively by many

GANGURU (Ganguro girl) - Ganguro is an althernative japanese fashion style for girls. The girls use makeup that gives them a dark tan and great contrasts. They color their hair in blondish, reddish or grayish colours. They use a lot of big adorns, use short shirts and colourful clothes.

GAY – Homosexual / homofile. The word originally ment "glad" or "lucky" and is still occationally used in this meaning. The homofile community selected this word to replace the word "homosexual" that they felt contained discriminatory shades of meaning.

GENITAL WARTS - These are small tumors in the outer area of the skin of the genital organs, caused by a virus. The same virus can sometimes cause cervical cancer by women. The warts can go back by themselves, but must often be surgically removed or taken away by certain dissolving chemicals, laser or freezing.

GENITALS - The human reproductive organs

GET IT UP - To achieve an erect penis

GET SOME - To attain sexual intercourse with someone

GET YOUR ROCKS OFF - To ejaculate

GIVE HEAD - To perform acts with the lips, tongue, mouth or nose towards the sexual organs of the partner, for example to suck the penis of a man or to lick a women between her genital lips.

GLANS og Glans penis - This is the bulbous end part of the penis, sorrounding the foreskin it the man or boy is not surcumcised.

GLORY HOLE - An opening cut into the partition between two commode stalls in a men's restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed

GO DOWN ON - To perform oral intercourse

GOLDEN SHOWER - One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure

GONORRHEA - A sexually transmitted disease, caused by bacteria. It infects primarily the organs where the sexual contact has been, like the sexual organs, urinary tract or rectum. It is cured by antiniotica.

GOOSE - Press a finger into the cleavage of the buttocks

G-POINT - The G-point is a sensual area between a woman's vagina and urethra and around the urethra. The area is connected to the clitoris and stimulation of the G-point will also make reflexes in the clitoris.

G-POINT ORGASM - This is orgasms that is achieved after stimulation of the G-point or that has its peak feeling in the G-point.

GREEK - To perform anal intercourse

GROPE - To handle another's genitals

G-STRING - A small brief worn over the genitals held on place with three strings, of which one goes through the cleft between the buttocks.


HAND JOB - Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another

HAND MADE - A large penis allegedly developed through masturbation

HARD ON - An erect penis

HARDCORE or hardporno - hardcore pornograhy - literal meaning hard kernel - Hardcore porn are pictures or moovies showing genital body parts or sexual acts distinctly, in detaille and without any form of shielding. Hardporn has the same basic meaning, but people tend to use that expression if the the medium shows sexual acts that are also violent or concidered abnormal.

HARD UP - Lack of sexual activity and need for a sex partner

HAIR FETISH - Hair fetish is to be aroused by the hair of the body or head and exploit that tendency for sexual pleasure. Some people are aroused by long wildly growing hair, others by hair styled in certain fasions. Still others like shaving themselves bald on wide areas, but keep hair accurately cut at certain places so that the hair makes imaginative figurs, for example a sharp triangle at the genital site, a strip of hair at both sides of the female cleft, a square just above the scrotum and penis or an arrow pointing down at the genital organs. HENTAI - This is a term used in the West about sexually explicit Japanese comics and animation, especially that of some perverted kind. In Japan the word is seldome used in this way. It is used there in the meaning metamorphosis or abnorm and in colloquial use with the meaning pervert.

HERPES - A disease caused by a virus. The virus hides in the nervous system of a person, and wanders down to outer areas of the body where it causes sores. There are two kinds of herpes, herpes I and herpes II. Herpes II is most often sexually trasnmitted and makes sores on the genitals. There are medications that can be used by outbreaks of sores, but the virus tend to stay in the body and can make later outbreaks.

HETROSEXUAL - One who desires sex only with the opposite sex. Probably very few persons do never dezire sex with persons of own gender, so the meaning of the term is often modified to a person that mostly dezires sex with the opposite gender.

HIV - and AIDS - HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that thereafter recides and proliferates in the body. A person having aquired the HIV-virus is HIV-positive. The HIV-virus causes the AIDS disease, but a HIV-positive person is not necessarily yet sick from AIDS. AIDS is a disease attacking the immune system of a person, and makes him susceptible to a lot of other diseases. These diseases will often after some time kill the person. There is no curative treatment for HIV and AIDS, but there exist medicins that can decrease the progress of the virus.

HOMOSEXUAL / HOMOFIL - One who desires sex only with the same sex as his or her own

HORNY - Sexually aroused - The direct meaning of the word is "equipped with horn". Traditionally the word has been used about men, but Nowadays the word is also used about sexually excited women. or passionate. Originally the word was probably used about men having an erection, but gradually it has shifted the meaning to being sexually excited, especially mentally excited. In other languages, for example Italian, the corresponding word is used about a man having been betrayed by his wife or woman - cornuto.

HORSE AROUND - To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse

HOT PANTS - Strong sexual desire or being strongly sexually aroused. The expression is also used about a women's shorts which is somewhat longer than an ordinary woman's horts.

HUNG - To describe how well equipped a man is. A hung man is a man with is a big and well developed penis and other genital parts.

HUSTLER - Prostitute that searches for customers

HYPERSEXUALITY - This is a diagnosis used when a person have so strong sexual drive that it creates problems for the person or his/her surroundings.


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