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Natural products to help for endocrine problems, neurological injuries, nervousness, depression, mental tiredness and other psychological issues.

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Products to help for hormonal, neurological and mental problems - also vagetarian diet advices

On this page you will find an online store of selected products for disease prevention and to help for specific common diseases or general problems with the health. The products are composed of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxydants, other bilogical effectors and composed according to modern biological knowledge. Further down on this page you will also find an article about vegetarian cooking.

Products for hormonal imbalances or deficiencies

THYROID DEFICIENCY causing depression, weight gain, fatigue, constipation and more - Thyax thyroid stimulant - Helps against sluggish thyroid production and associated problems like:  unrelenting fatigue, obesity, cold hands/feet/ears, low blood pressure, yellowish Color on Hands, dry skin and hair, poor memory, depression, sugar cravings, poor circulation, itching or rashes, constipation.

Click here to buy or learn more - Thyax

Diabetes mellitus type 2 - Glucose M2 - This product is not curative for diabetes type 2, but it enhances the ability to adjust the blood sugar levels towards a normal value.

Please click here to learn more or buy - GlucoseM2

Help against low growth hormone production and aging symptoms - Feel and look younger, reverse aging - Human growth hormone has proved to help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These natural drugs help your body to increase its own production of growth hormones and therby it will help to regain many properties of youth. The drugs all have the same effects, but they are each specialized so that some effects are emphasized. Please choose the product that fits your needs the best.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

HELP FOR WOMEN WITH PMS - Menstium - To help regulate the menstrual cycle better by the nervous and hormonal system and this way reduce premenstrual problems.

Please click here to read more or buy - Menstium

Hersolution pills for women - to effectivize the female hormonal regulation - giving stronger sex lust, stronger good feelings and less menstrual problems - These pills make you feel greater mental and physical lust for sex. They make you feel stronger mental pleasure and boost the pleasure  in your vulvar region and pelvic zones. They make the sexual porcesses in your pelvic region stronger and especially you will get much more lubrication in your vagina. Furthermore they will reduce menstrual problems.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

ENDOMETRIOSIS - Remedy to alleviate symptoms of endometriosis - Fallodox - By endometriosis, the endometrium , the tissue normally lining only the inside of the uterus, grows also outside this location. This in turn leads to menstrual irregularities and eccessive bledings, deficiencies of minerals and other nutrients, loss of fertility and proneness to infections. Fallodox may be helpful for those suffering from endometriosis by regulating the menstrual cycles, remending deficiencies, promoting fertility and  boosting the immune system.

Click here to buy or to learn more or buy - Fallodox

Help for prostate problems - Avistate - Help for hesitant or slow urine flow, dribbling and frequent urge to urinate due to prostate irritation and enlargement. Helps by reducing inflammation in the prostate and hindering effects of metabolic products of male hormones, both of which make the prostate swell and grow, and makes it difficult to pass urine. Three key ingredients in the product are extracts of Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto), Pygeum africanum (Pygeum bark) and Urtica dioica (Nettle root) which has shown to give these dezired effects.

Pleace go here for drug to help for prostate problems - Avistate

Testex - natural drug to give an ample testosterone secretion - Sometimes men have potency problems and other physiological dysfunctions caused by too little production of testosterone, which will typically occurs after age 45. For men with idle sex hormone production, these pill will stimulate more hormones to be produced and one will get the following benefits: stronger erections, more physical energy to be used during sex and other activities, more muscle mass, elevated mood, stronger bone structure.

More products to make a better testosterone production - A low testosterone production can decrease the male vitility, male virility and training results.

VirMAX T Testosterone Booster

VirMAX T Testosterone Booster

Dietary Supplements Helps To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels* Extended Release Natural Testosterone Booster* Helps Support Normal Testosterone Levels* Helps Improve Sex Drive &Amp; Libido* Helps Increase Energy &Amp; Stamina* Helps Enhance Physical Endurance &Amp; Performance* Once Daily Formula *&Nbsp; This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

Cybergenics ISO-TEST Pro-Testosterone Booster, Capsules

Cybergenics ISO-TEST Pro-Testosterone Booster, Capsules

Dietary Supplements For Maximum Testosterone Performance Boosts Free Testosterone* Helps Regain Sex Drive &Amp; Interest* Promotes Positive Mood &Amp; Vitality* Increases Energy &Amp; Stamina* Help Fight Low-T* The Multi-Dimensional Iso-Test&Trade; Formula Features Lj100&Reg;, A Powerful Patented Extract Derived From Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), The Legendary Male Herb Enhancement Herb From The Jungles Of Southeast Asia.

Products to help for poor memory, focus and attention

Natural drug to amplify your wakedness, memory, and logical capacity and to get rid of mental exhaustion - Brain Pills - Brain pills will make you more allert and they will help you focus better and understand better what you see, hear, read and otherwise sense. They will make you memorize and retrieve information more completely and more rapidly. They will help you focus better during thinking and solve problems more accurately, more completely, quicker and more flexibly. Through this link you will find more information about effects and ingredients.

To help by poor memory and mental exhaustion - Cyntol - Dementia, problems with thinking, with memory or mental tiredness can be caused by many other conditions than by Altzheimer's, and it can also be a consequence of lack of certain nutrients. This product is formulated to supply nutrients that are especially important for the mental processes.

Click here to buy or learn more - Cyntol

ADHD /attention and cognitive problems - Listol - Listol is an extremely safe and wholly natural supplement that may help against attention and concentration problems. It does so by releasing your body from toxins that impaire memory and learning, and also furnishing vitamins and nutrients that support cognitive functions.

Please click here to buy or learn more or buy - Listol

Help for concentration, attention problems and hyperactivity - Synaptol - This is a homeopathic medicine to be used against symptoms as poor focus, concentration, memory, comprehension, irritability, sensitivity, anxiety, restlessness, fidgeting and hyperactivity. The imgredients are integrated in purified ionized water, which makes it non-irritable and suited to use by all ages.

Help to improve your sleep pattern and sleep quality

SLEEPLESSNESS or bad sleep - Alteril Sleep System - A 3-parts sleep improvement kit
- This kit contains the herbal sleep pills Altertil. A CD with bineural beat rhythms capable of putting the mind into a relaxed state from which it is easy to go further to a sound sleep. A tasteful tea with relaxing herbs. Ingredients of this sytem is the relaxing herb valeriana and the physiological effector substances L-thryptophan, melatonin and L-theonin, working tools in the central nervous system necessary for a good sleep pattern.

A product useful for sleep problems and for fibromyalgia: This product is useful for people suffering from fibromyalgia, a syndrome that gives tension and pain around many parts pf the body, especially joints and muscles and that also gives sleep problems. It is also useful for pure sleep problems without the other symptoms that characterizes fibromyalgia.

FibroSleep™ (60 capsules)

FibroSleep™ (60 capsules)

The All-in-One Natural Sleep Aid. Wake refreshed and restored with FibroSleep FibroSleep™ is a powerful sleep aid that is a combination of pure, natural ingredients to support deep, restorative sleep. Although developed for those with Fibromyaligia anyone with a sleep disorder will experience sleep support in four important and synergistic ways:

Help for mental problems like depressionm anxity and nervousness

DEPRESSION or unstable mood level - Exulin: In addition to psychological factors, low levels of neurotransmittors may cause depression and mood instability. This product may help to elevate the levels of these substances in the central nervous system and thus help against depressive feelings and symptoms of swinging mood levels.

Click here to buy or learn more - Exulin

Depression caused by poor thyroid hormon production - A main symptom of poor thyroid function is depression. By this basic problem you will also typically have other symptoms of which some are:  fatigue, memory problems, constioation and gain in weight.

Click here to buy or learn more: Thyax


Natrol Stress Anxiety Formula Dietary Supplement Capsules - 90 ea.

Natrol Stress Anxiety Formula Dietary Supplement Capsules - 90 ea.

A 100% Drug Free, Patented Formula With Key Nutrients To Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety. Together With The Proper Rest And Nutrition, Natrol Saf Promotes Relaxation To Help Combat The Effects Of Daily Stress.* No Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Milk, Egg, Soy, Glutens, Artificial Colors Or Flavors, Added Sugar, Starch Or Preservatives. * This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

Dr. King's Natural Medicine Anxiety & Nervousness - 2 fl oz

Dr. King's Natural Medicine Anxiety & Nervousness - 2 fl oz

Please Note: Product Received May Temporarily Differ From Image Shown Due To Packaging Update. Safe &Amp; Natural Oral Spray Nervous Tension Minor Anxiety &Amp; Fear Impatience &Amp; Irritability Taste-Free Bio-Energetically Enhanced&Trade; Pure Water Base No Alcohol No Dairy No Gluten No Sugar Homeopathy - "The Natural Medicine" No Known Negative Side Effects No Known Negative Drug Interactions Awakens The Body's Natural Ability To Heal Over 200 Years Of Use Worldwide King Bio&Reg; - The Healing Revolution Is Here&Trade; Offers Over 200 Natural Medicines For The Family Easy-To-Use Oral Spray 300 Sprays Per Bottle Bio-Energetically Enhanced&Trade;, Taste Free, Pure Water Base

Help for anxiety - Anxietin - This is a homeopathic formula to help by anxiousness, nervousness, social fear, panic, fearfulness and sadness. It contains 21 natural homeopathic ingredients working synergetically. It uses a purified, ionized, mineral water base for optimal safety and delivery to the body, which makes it suited both for kids and adults.

Products for neurological ailments giving a combination of bodily and mental symptoms

ANXIETY AND TENSION, especialy effective by GABA deficieny - This is a good remedy against anxiety . It enhances the amount of GABA in the brain that is important to ballance brain functions. Through this link you can find more remedies directed against either anxiety or tension or both symptoms.

Please go here for help against Insomnia and Anxiety - Moderex

STRESS AND TENSION RELEASE - These products contain herbs like valeriana, ashwagata, pasion flower, eleuthero and lemon balm

Tension Release™ (60 tablets)

Tension Release™ (60 tablets)

Nourishes, Calms and Relaxes*. Tension Release helps to promote a sense of relaxation and releases tension associated with stress. Contains Passion Flower Vine Extract (Passiflora incarnata>, Sensoril Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract, Eleuthero Root Extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Lemon Balm Leaf Extract (Melissa officinalis)

Help for stress and tension - Stressivin - This is a homeopathic formula to help by nervous tension, over-sensitivity, anxieties and fearfulness. Enjoy support during high pressure and stressful situations. It contains 12 natural homeopathic ingredients working synergetically. It uses a purified, ionized, mineral water base for optimal safety and delivery to the body, which makes it suited both for kids and adults.

SEROTONINE DEFICIENCY causing depression, anxiety, pain in joints or muscles (fibromyalgia), attention problems, migraine, insomnia, panic attacks or mood swingsBy poor serotonine production some or all of of these symptom typically occur. This medicine may increase the serotonine levels to help.

Click here to buy or learn more: Seronex 5-HTP

Products for neurological ailments giving bodily pain and impairments

Help for neuropaty or neuralgia - Neuroveen - This is a homeopathic medicine to be used against symptoms as irritated nerves, nerve pain, numbness, sensitivity, burning, tingling, weakness and troubled mobility. Its blend of 16 natural homeopathic ingredients work together to relieve a full-range of nerve pain related symptoms, without the negative side effects sometimes experienced with prescriptions. The imgredients are integrated in purified ionized water, which makes it non-irritable and suited to use by all ages.

Help for sciatica - Painazol - This is a homeopathic medicine to be used against sciatica and its manifestations like Weakness in bending the knee/foot, abnormal reflexes (weak or absent ankle-jerk reflex), pain by lifting the leg straight up while sitting, sharp, branching pain at the afflicted side that makes it difficult to stand or walk. The imgredients are integrated in purified ionized water, which makes it non-irritable and suited to use by all ages.

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - Sedorum - By PLS one has itching, tickling or stinging feelings in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move the limb. This is due to functional defects in the sensorial apparatus of the leg and the coupled motoric mechanisms. This hebal drug helps to calm down the over-active nerves and contain nutrients that help these nerves to function better.

Click here to read more or buy - Sedorum

CEREBRAL PALCY - neurologic motoric problems - Vitarin - This product is formulated to help the body repair nerve damages which are characteristic of cerebral palcy and to mend damages in the muscles and scheletal system that often accompanies the nerve damages by cerebral palcy.

Click here to buy or learn more or buy - Vitarin

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME and associated tingling, numbness and pain - Neuropine - The tingling, numbmess, weakness and pain pain in the wrists, hands and upper limbs by this condition is caused by inflammation than make the surrounding of nerves swallen. This drug supply ingredients that reduce the inflammation and helps to heal injury causing the swelling.

Please click here to find the drug to help by carpal tunnel syndrome - Neuropine

Carpal tunnel syndrome and similar conditions - treatment cream- This product may give relief from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, reduce the need for surgery and can also help against inflammation in the wrists, and for similar conditions in other places of the body, like the ancles.

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Effective To Treat Pains In Joints And Back. Effective For Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, Repetitive Motion, And Trauma/Sports Injuries. Made In Usa

Carpal tunnel syndrome and similar conditions - orthopedic support

Mueller Sport Care Carpal Tunnel Wrist Stabilizer Left/Right Sm/Medium

Mueller Sport Care Carpal Tunnel Wrist Stabilizer Left/Right Sm/Medium

Designed For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Supporting Weak Or Injured Wrists. Helps Relieve Pain And Swelling While Maintaining Full Range Of Movement Of Thumb And Fingers. Lightweight And Breathable For All-Day Wear And Night Use. Two Adjustable Straps For Custom Fit Extra-Long 6.5-Inch Spoon And Two Side Splints Provide Rigid Support Fits Left Or Right Measures Around Wrist 5.0 -&Nbsp;7.5 In Fsa Eligible Maximum Support Level Latex Free Made In China

More products to improve health and fitness

Balance point - A blending of all vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants you need to be healthy - This blending of vitamins, minerals and tissue-protecting anti-oxidants do not only contain those nutrients you find in the usual commercial vitamine and mineral products, but the formula also provides all these substances you need in tiny measures, and therefore is often forgot to include in the usual products. Furthermore it contains several natural substances that are not vitamins and minerals in the strict sense, but has shown to make the body work better and give enhanced energy.

Click here to learn more or buy - Multivitamin - Balance Point for Men

Click here to learn more or buy - Multivitamin - balance Point for Women

Therapy products to relax, to rejuvenate, to eliminate vastes and to make flexible firm and slim - The smart products you can find at this store firm up, rinse and rejuvenate your skin, your muscles and your inner organs. Also many fine products to style up your hair, make better hair growth and rejuvenate your hair color.

Products to help against many specific diseases - also comprehensive vitamine and mineral tablets and coral calcium tablets - Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

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Bulk herbs, teas, bath and body, aromatherapy, vitamins, minerals If you need separate herbs or preparations of separate herbs for some medical purpose, to use as spices in cooking, or for other purposes, you will find anything you need here. The store you get into does not only contain herbs, but also a lot of other products of many cathegories, like: Theas, cofees, spices, bath and body products, aromatherapy products, skincare items.

Here you will also find preparations of vitamins and minerals for all needs.

Links to pages with other interesting products

Natural drugs for men and women to increase sexual potency and amplify sexual satisfaction

Part and upgrade products for cars and other vehicles

Skin care, anti-aging products and cosmetics

Sport equipment, training result stimulants and sport nutrients


Some people find that a vegetarian lifstyle helps to alleviate or cure special health problems or diseases they suffer from, or prefere a vegetarian diet of other reasons. It is however more difficult to get all necessary nutrients in the right amount for the daily life and bodily development by a vegetarian lifestyle, than by lifestyles that includes consume of animal food sources. Here are some advices about getting the right amount of the various nutrients from a vegetarian diet.

How to get enough protein with all necessary amino acids

Many vegetarian ingredients contain much protein, and these should be included in a vegetarian diet, for example ,soy, nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. Other food souces contain less, but still significant protein amounts, for example beans, peas and cereal sorts.

However these sources tend to be deficient in some important amino acids, especially methionine.

Milk, cheese and most other diary products contain much protein of high value. If those are included in the diet in enough quantity, you will get enough protein. However, diary products still do not have exactly the amino acid content that perfectly matches the need of a human beeing.

However, milk and diary products have a surplus of amino acids of which corn products are in deficit. By combining diary products with whole corn products in the same meal, you get a combination with a very good amino acid content.

Moshrooms have a valuable content of proteins. However, mushrooms contain much water. To get enough proteins from mushrooms, you must either eat great volumes of it, or you must damp out most of the water to get a food source with a highe percentage of protein.

The typical protein source of many vegetarians are soy products. But soy products do not have a very good amino acid composition. It is therefore not wise to relay only on soy products as a protein source.

How to get all neessary essential fatty acids.

The body need fatty acids of the type mono-unsaturated, omega-3-poly-unsaturated, omega-6-polyunsaturated and omega-9-poly-unsatyrated.

The best sources of mono-unsaturated fatty acids are olive oil, rape oil or canola oil, and these should be included in the diet. Other good sources are the following seeds or fruits and oils maide from them: Almonds, peanuts, cashew, pecan, hickory nuts, hazel nuts, pistachio, macadamia, filbert, avocado.

Omega-6-fatty acids are very easy to obtain in an adequate amount through a vegetarian diet. Soy oil, corn oil and most other vegatable oils or vagetable sources of fat contain omega-6 in abundace.

Prefered sources of omega-6 should be: Sunflower, safflower, grape seed, cotton seed, soy, walnut, sesame, wheat germ and oils from these sources. If you consume much soy oil, corn oil or other omega-6-containing oils, you can eaily get too mush of omega-6 acids. You should therefore not use these oil sorts in great amounts.

The omega-3-poly-unsatyrated acids are the most difficult to obtain with a vegetarian diet. Flax seeds. flax oil, chia seeds and chia oil are good sources of the omega-3-acids alfa-lineoleic acid and the body can make the other omeg-3-fat types from this fatty acids. These kinds of seeds or oils must be included in a vegetarian diet on a daily basis in order to avoid diseases due to deficiency of omega-3 fat.

How to get the right amount of energy

It is not difficult to get enough energy in a vegetarian diet. Cereals, peas, beans and sweet fruit contain energy in the shape of carbahydrates. Vegetable oils, nuts, almonds and fat seeds like sunflower seeds and almonds contain fatty acids also providing energy.

The problem is in fact that you can get too much energy by a vegetarian diet, so that you get over-weighted from it. Therefore it is important to consume much of food sources with a high protein content, and less of those containing much fat and carbohydrates. This can be achieved by consuming lean soy products, mushrooms and lean diary products.

How to get enough vitamins and minerals

A varied vegetarian diet consisting of natural and undisturbed ingredients will giv you a good supply of most vitamins and minerals. However, it is easy to get too little of vitamin B-12 or cyan-cobalamine, a vitamine important for blood production.

This vitamin is made in the intestines by the natural bacterial flora, but this production will not allways be enough to meet the need.

Milk and diary products will however give you a good supply of this vitamine.

Some breeds of yeast produce vitamine B 12. Those are however not found in ordinary brewery or baking yeast, and must therefore be bought as separate products. One of these is the yeast brand called T-6635+ or "vegetarian support formula". Another is Saccaromyces Cervisiae.

If you live on a vegetarian diet without diary products, you have to consume products with some of these yeast sorts or B 12 fortified food products to be sure of getting enough B 12.

Disclaimer: The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.